Red Brontosaurus Records
San Diego Web Design
Project Description
This winter we developed a website for local record, vinyl and used video game store Red Brontosaurus Records. The contemporary, flat one-page design features many of our current design ideas and implementations including subtle CSS3 animation and transitions throughout, simple and easy-to-use UI and layout with generous whitespace and flat design elements. Of course, we developed the site from the ground up, starting with mobile and developing all the way up to the largest monitors. The website was designed to perform equally well on smartphones and desktops, with retina-sensitive graphics, responsive CSS and smart usability features on mobile, like the menu toggle. The page also features a number of technological points-of-pride for us over here at Mission Bay Media. The one-page design features a section for Instagram posts that feeds from the Instagram API automatically, returning photos and likes into the small Instagram slider-region. Additionally, we display Yelp reviews and a Google Maps canvas with the store's location at the bottom.
Project Details
  • ClientRed Brontosaurus Records
  • LocationSan Diego, CA
  • Launch DateJanuary 18, 2016
  • CategoryMusic Web Design
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