Splurge Luxury Ordering
San Diego Web Design
Project Description
Splurge is an app start-up with the vision of redefining the process and ease of luxury ordering as it is today. When Splurge approached us about working with them on their project, we knew it would be broad in scope and long-term. In our time with Splurge, we participated with a team of professionals and creatives from management and app developers to graphic desigers and video editors to craft a web experience in-line with the company's goals and aesthetics. We collaborated with Splurge's in-house designer to produce a main page communicating the company's unique brand. Additionally, we collaborated with Splurge's app team, to create rich and immersive web portals designed to interact with their app's custom API. These Merchant and Customer portals aim to create a web experience for the company's app's users. Over the course of our work on this project we completed numerous updates and patches both to the Splurge.works brand site and to the app's online user portals. 
Project Details
  • ClientSplurge Luxury Ordering
  • LocationSan Diego, CA
  • Launch DateMarch 24, 2016
  • CategoryCorporate Web Design
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