Seapoint Farms
Orange County Web Design
Project Description
Seapoint Farms has been a pioneer in the consumer health food industry since the late 1990s. Based in Huntington Beach in Orange County, California, this large and established wholesaler sources and produces products that provide a healthy alternative to snack and comfort foods that are traditionally high fat or high in carbs. Seapoint approached us with a dated website that they wanted to revamp ahead of launching a new lentil-based product line. We spent time working with their Marketing department to create a beautiful, engaging and responsive website that highlighted their product offering and corroborated their market value with an extensive store locator and press page depicting their many years of experience and operation in their field. We built a fully responsive and modern website that now gives their visitors an engaging and user-friendly experience regardless of device. Primarily dealing in Edamame and soybean based foods, you can purchase their products at major grocery chains like Ralphs, VONS, Shop and Stop and many more.
Project Details
  • ClientSeapoint Farms
  • LocationHuntington Beach, CA
  • Launch DateJune 26, 2020
  • CategoryCorporate Web Design
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