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Clever CSS for Mobile Websites With No Compromise

in CSS, JQuery, iPhone, Android, Mobile-friendly, Web Design | February 9, 2016

Clever CSS for Mobile Websites With No Compromise

It is no secret that contemporary CSS is a web developer’s greatest ally in the process of developing a cross-platform compatible, mobile friendly website. Here at Mission Bay Media, we know that mobile users--people browsing from phones and tablets--make up a large and ever-growing chunk of almost any site’s traffic, so we strive to use nothing but the best techniques to ensure sleek websites that...

Vectors: New to the web and our site

in CSS, Web Design, iPhone, Internet | July 28, 2015

Vectors: New to the web and our site

We updated our site and are excited to include a feature new to HTML5—SVG vector graphics. While using vector graphics throughout our updated site has made the site easy on the eyes, it has also made the site far more lightweight and load friendly. Read on to learn a bit about what vectors are and how we used them.

Vector versus Bitmap

Vector images are stored...

Creating Beautiful CSS Checkboxes

in CSS, Free Software | March 13, 2013

Creating Beautiful CSS Checkboxes

I was recently tasked with creating new CSS styles for HTML checkboxes for a project. I had worked with checkboxes and CSS many times, but I figured that others may want a simpler tool for implementing CSS Checkbox styles that don't look ridiculous. That's why we launched CSS Checkbox, a free web tool for creating nice looking CSS Checkboxes. CSS Checkbox is great because...

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