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Google AMP for Fast and Beautiful Mobile Pages

in HTML5, Internet, Web Design, Google, Mobile-friendly | July 12, 2016

Google AMP for Fast and Beautiful Mobile Pages

Google has long been on a mission to speed up and clean up the mobile web by prioritizing pages with responsive design in search results, creating tools to extensively test your page’s mobile friendlyness, doing cutting edge research on optimizing caching and page loads, and (for the most part) leading by example. Now, Google has jumped into the fray with a far more active...

HTML5 Video Background Elements & Testing

in Video, HTML5, JQuery, Web Design | August 19, 2015

HTML5 Video Background Elements & Testing

With advancing technology in processors, wifi and video encoding, it has recently become feasible for web developers to start to embedding rich video content as elements in web pages. A few major corporate websites (PayPal, for example) have recently introduced video background elements via HTML5 on their homepages. While building our homepage’s main slider, we decided to embrace the futuristic tech and build a...

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