For those who are unfamiliar, Magento is a PHP-based Ecommerce framework for developing Online Stores and other Ecommerce related website. While we usually do our Ecommerce Solutions from scratch here at Mission Bay Media, we do like to offer Magento based solutions if that particular framework is desired or required by the client.

Magento is great for some things, but also comes chock full of really annoying features that you will no doubt want to disable or remove. My absolute least favorite is the Magento Admin Notification bar. This is the Content Bar that shows up right beneath your Navigation when you login to the Magento Backend (the Magento Admin Panel). This Notification bar will bombard you with everything from Magento version updates (that you might not want or need or will break parts of your website) to basically sales pitches from 3rd party Magento developers that you may have downloaded themes or add-ons from.

Fortunately, disabling the Magento Admin bar is simple:

1) First, go to your Admin Panel and Login (ex:

2) Hover over the navigation item that is furthest to the right: “System”, and then choose the last item in the dropdown list: “Configuration”. Note: DO NOT MESS WITH THIS AREA if you don’t know what you’re doing or you might end up doing irreparable damage and probably have some kind of nervous breakdown as a result.

3) In the left-hand sidebar, scroll to the bottom of the page and find the section titled “Advanced,” and click on the sub-tab titled “Advanced.”

4) One of the first options on this new page should read “Mage_AdminNotification”. Find this item in the list and then select “Disable” from the dropdown menu to the right of it.

5) Hit “Save Config” in the top right corner of the page and you’re done! No more annoying Admin Messages!

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