Social Media Management

Social Media Management

It’s not the 90s anymore, nowadays establishing and maintaining a web presence is no longer as simple as creating a website and putting it on the Internet. Cross marketing your website, and by association your business, across social media is more important now than it has ever been. Both posting stories about your business to Social Media, as well as incorporating your Social Media feeds directly on your website, help reinforce your brand and bring legitimacy to your business, and Mission Bay Media can help you with both.

Just getting started? Mission Bay Media offers Social Media Management packages on a monthly basis that take the headaches out of maintaining a presence on Social Media. Not only can we establish and set up all pertinent Social Media channels for your business, but we can also offer monthly programs where we run organic and paid campaigns to push your content and boost your business’s potential.

On the other side of the coin, Mission Bay Media also prides itself on the innovative ways in which we can integrate your Social Media presence into your new website. Like, Share and Tweet buttons and Social Media icons are just the starting point for us when it comes to Social Media integration. We’ve had a variety of clients for whom we have embedded custom Social Media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more, straight into their website. This offers a personalized and stylized way to feature Social Media on your website, a unique and ever-updating source of content for your website and an impressive feature that solidifies all of your promotional channels under one roof, so to speak. Contact us today to find out how Mission Bay Media can kickstart your Social Media presence and push your business to the next level.


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