Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Most customers start their journey into consumerism by searching for your products or services on Google or other search engines. This is the key reason why Search Engine Optimization should be on the mind of any new or existing business owner. Making sure your website is visible to search engines is one of our top priorities at Mission Bay Media, and we jumpstart your San Diego SEO effort by keeping search visibility in mind throughout the development process, from conception to launch.

Every site we create is built in such a way that the code is optimized for search engine visibility. We do this not only by fine-tuning your “on-page SEO,” but also by optimizing the technical specifications and details regarding your website. Each page is assessed for optimal content length and relevant keyword density, and extensive meta-tagging is done to optimize your site for both search engines and social media integration. We also take stock of all website assets such as images, videos and text files and compress them in such a way that your “site weight” is optimized for Google search. Responsive design is also a go-to technique we use to make sure your website is “Google Ready.”

Whether you’re a website developer or business owner trying to optimize your client flow, it’s always a challenge to stay one step ahead of Google’s ever-changing Search Engine Algorithm. Mission Bay Media works with a variety of SEO partners in the San Diego area to pair you with a dedicated SEO agent, if desired. These dedicated Search Engine Optimization professionals work with you directly to run campaigns that create backlinks to your website and establish a web presence for your business via social media, press-release outlets and business directories. Google Ad Words and other paid marketing campaigns are also offered. Contact Mission Bay Media today to see how our comprehensive collection of SEO options can help your maximize your ROI.

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