Here at Mission Bay Media we spend a lot of time building Ecommerce Website, Online Stores and Online Payment platforms. This process always involves some kind of interfacing with a Payment Gateway and/or Payment Processing Company. We typically recommend signing up with, the industry leader in Payment Gateway Services. supplies you with two very important pieces of information so that your Online Store or Ecommerce Website can interface with your Payment Gateway Account. Here are a few simple steps to track down these pieces of information (referred to as your API Login ID and Transaction Key) for use with your new Online Store:

1) Log in to your account

2) Click on the “Account” tab in the navigation bar

3) Scroll down to the section entitled “Security Settings” and click on “API Login ID and Transaction Key” second from the bottom in the right hand column.

4) Your API Login ID will be shown, but you will have to enter the answer to your security question to obtain the Transaction ID. Then hit submit and your Transaction ID will appear on the next page.

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