The age of websites that are comprised solely of low quality images and 12-point-times-new-roman font ended in 1999. Twenty-five years after the creation of the Internet, consumers want to see websites that are sleek, modern and incorporate motion and multimedia. When your client base represents a variety that ranges from independent artists to large multi-national corporations, you inevitably are able to run the gamut of multimedia integration in the world of web development.

Visual movement often helps a website stand out against the huge amount of competition that is the business world. Many of our clients have enjoyed top-of-the-line multimedia elements in their websites that truly bring the “wow-factor” that other websites never truly achieve. Mission Bay Media does this by incorporating large and engaging background videos into site design to pull the viewer in and encourage them to become paying customers. We also incorporate browser-neutral jQuery animations that help bring flow and substance to your website’s User Experience — an important technique we can still use to engage customers as the once-popular Adobe Flash recedes into obscurity.

Are you not a business per se, but rather an independent artist or individual looking to showcase and sell your work? Mission Bay Media offers a variety of website solutions to do this for you. We use modern programming techniques to incorporate your videos in the form of a video gallery, your photos or art as a slideshow or modal gallery and your music or audio in a streamable audio player for your potential customers to engage with. They call us Mission Bay Media for a reason — whatever your media of choice, we will be able to showcase that in such a way that it will help your customers fall in love with your endeavor no matter what that may be. CONTACT US today to find out how we can help!