WordPress has its pluses and minuses, and while it’s a great tool for getting a website up and running quickly and easily, it’s still got loads of annoying features that are sometimes even more annoying to get rid of.

One of my least favorite WordPress features is the WordPress Admin bar. That’s the annoying dark gray bar that drops down from the top of your browser window when you are logged into your WordPress site. It sort of makes sense to have a feature like this in the WordPress Admin portal, but it seems (at least in default mode) like a haphazardly conceived solution to confirm login status and user features.

The worst part is that no option still exists in a default WordPress install to remove the cursed Admin bar after the latest WordPress version (3.x) was released.

Fortunately there is a convenient WordPress plugin that creates a page where Admin bar options can be controlled. The Admin bar can be removed entirely or hidden from view in either just the Frontend or Backend of your WordPress site. It’s called the Global Hide and Remove Toolbar plugin and is available for Download Here.

Installing WordPress plugins is easy, even with an FTP client like Filezilla. Inside the “wp-content” folder at the root of your WordPress install there will be a folder called “plugins”. Upload the WordPress plugin files (usually after unzipping from a compressed folder) to the “plugins” folder and then use your browser to login to the WordPress Admin area. Your new plugin should have shown up on the Plugins page of the Admin portal. Find your new plugin, click the “activate” link and you’re done! With this plugin you should see a “Hide Toolbar Options” as a new option under the “Settings” tab in the sidebar navigation.