San Diego is a wonderful place home to people from all walks of life, but whether you’re a surfer, an engineer or a CEO, we as San Diegans all have one thing in common — the love for a tasty sandwich. At Mission Bay Media, we are mostly web architects, but we too share this trait. Since our office is headquartered in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood, one of our developers made it his mission to find the best sandwich in PB, and after extensive, in-the-field research, we have finally decided to release his findings right here in this report: The 5 Best Sandwiches in Pacific Beach. DISCLAIMER: This is a post about sandwich shops — not burger joints, not bars that also sell sandwiches, just reputable establishments whose sole mission is the artistry of meats and bread.

5: Cheeba Hut: Located at 4651 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

At number five we have Cheeba Hut — a tasty sandwich joint on Mission Boulevard that is just one of many Cheeba Hut locations across the Southwest US. Cheeba Hut offers basically every type of sandwich you can think of and they do a decent job of putting them all together as well. The decor in the restaurant as well as their menu items are all.. Uhh… “counter-culture themed”.
Highlight: They will deliver as few as one sandwich to your house or place of business with no delivery charge.

4: Board & Brew: Located at 4516 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

Number four brings us Board & Brew, a regional San Diego chain with other locations in Del Mar and Scripps Ranch. The PB location is one of the more recently opened ones, but it’s still a great spot for a good sandwich. Board & Brew is similar to Cheeba Hut in that they have many of the “staple” sandwiches we have come to expect from a good sandwich place. As the name implies, this spot also serves beer to accompany your lunch should you choose to do so.
Highlight: Ingredients are always super fresh and the location is right by Crystal Pier

3: Rubicon Deli: Located at 3819 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

At number three we have the Rubicon Deli. This is the original location of a high-end and chic sandwichery that has since expanded to two other San Diego locations as well as one in Reno, Nevada. Rubicon has the image of an upscale and new-age sandwich shop. The menu items feature mostly super creative culinary spins on old favorites, but also features classic sandwiches like the simple grilled cheese. Definitely worth the trip down here if you have the time to find parking.
Highlight: If you like exciting sauces and condiments, you’re going to love this place. Some of their wild sandwich spreads include Habanero Mustard, Garlic Tabasco Mayo and “Spicy Mojo Sauce”

2: Blazin’ Grill: Located at 865 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109

At our second best sandwich rating we have Blazin’ Grill, also occasionally known by its origin-story name “Chronic Smoothies.” As I’m sure you’ve figured out, these guys and Cheeba Hut have a common theme to their restaurant in many ways. Blazin’ Grill not only offers custom sandwiches, made-to-order, but also a variety of updated takes on old classics like the Turkey Avocado and the Godfather. A ton of their items have a zesty kick by incorporating Sausalito Roasted Turkey and Sriracha Aioli, although those can be left on the side by request
Highlight: They basically just add Avocado and Bacon to everything, which is personally everything I’ve ever hoped for in a sandwich.

1) Vanoo’s Grillette: Located at 4614 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

Topping our “Best Sandwiches in PB” list is the eclectic and family-owned Vanoo’s Grillette. Draped in purple interior decor and butterfly-themed ornaments, this spot offers custom made-to-order sandwiches as well as a varied menu featuring some Mediterranean-inspired favorites like a Greek Chicken wrap, fresh homemade hummus and babaganoush. Friendly staff and old school feel are the perfect compliment to their fresh, delicious and healthy sandwich options.
Highlight: First off, they get their bread shipped to San Diego from the East Coast, and it tastes amazing. Secondly, if you like Roast Beef, you NEED to try Vanoo’s. They home-cook their own Roast Beef on a daily basis and after you try it you will never want another variety of Roast Beef again.