So you’ve decided to upload your new video to YouTube, but have decided after several tries that it’s not as easy as it seems… Youtube is quickly becoming one of the most prominent and effective Social Media platforms available and the more savvy you are using Youtube, the better you will be able to market your product, service or yourself! Great News! Uploading videos to YouTube is actually pretty easy if you know where to look first. Check out this step by step guide and you’ll be uploading videos to YouTube in no time.

1) Go to

2) You’ll need a YouTube account to upload videos to your Youtube Channel. The nice thing is that since Google bought out Youtube several years ago, your Google Account information will work when trying to log into Youtube and upload videos. This means if you use Gmail or any other Google Product, you already have a YouTube account!

3) Look in the top right corner of the main Youtube home page. If you are not logged in, you should see two links: “Sign In” and “Create Account”. Click “Sign In” and use your Youtube Login Information (or Google Login Information), or click “Create Account” to quickly create a Youtube Account. Once you are logged in, you will instead see your Username in the top right corner. Directly to the left of your Username, you should see a link that says “Upload”. Click the “Upload” link.

4) You should now be at a new page where the URL in the URL bar of your browser reads something like “”. There should be a big, red upload arrow in the main content area of the page. Directly below that there should be a large button titled “Select files from your computer.” Click that button.

5) A “Browse for file…” Dialog Window will pop up and you can find the folder where you saved the video you wanted to upload when you started. Select the video and it should start uploading right away. Upload times can vary from a couple of minutes to over an hour, depending on filesize and Internet connection speed. While the video is uploading, you can title your video, write a description and mark it with Tags and Categories (using a form on the Video Uploading page) so that Youtube users and Google searches can find and enjoy your video more easily. Once it’s uploaded, you should get a big form field at the top of the page containing the link to your newly uploaded video. Copy and paste this someplace safe, and then use that link to share the video with your friends and coworkers on Facebook, Twitter and in blogposts of all kinds!

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