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Font-Face Internet Explorer Problems

in Fonts, Internet Explorer, Internet, htaccess | February 4, 2013

Font-Face Internet Explorer Problems

Want to save a few minutes while fixing the problems with the @font-face property in Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox? I recently stumbled upon an annoying browser bug having to do with the CSS @font-face property, and I have a couple quick solutions for anyone who wants to avoid banging their head against the wall trying to sort out similar issues. Jump to the...

Clear History in Internet Explorer 9

in Internet, Internet Explorer | March 22, 2012

Clear History in Internet Explorer 9

Of all the web browsers out there, Internet Explorer in all its manifestations is bar far the most finicky. This follows in regards to how the program caches and lets one clear browsing data as well. If you've updated your website, or had someone else update your website, and don't see the expected changes when you visit your site's web address, it probably has to...

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